Monday, October 01, 2007

Tell me the term??

As I said in my last post I do have a bit of interest in psychology, and observing people and their attitude is my favorite pass time. So here I am describing, as per my observations and completely biased perceptions, people I’ll term as mentally sick but as you can make out they are perfectly normal human beings as per this sane world.

Everyone needs a mental feed to go on in life happily. ‘happily’ well I am using this term subjectively, as u see, happiness is something which I can’t define for you. Everyone has his/her own definition. So whether we notice it or not, all our actions, or rather most of our actions, are governed by our zest to satisfy or rather achieve this ‘mental feed’. For saints it can be the act of sacrifice, may be I cant say, I am not a saint.

There is this set of really sick people who derive pleasure in others suffering you call them sadists. Well I feel there is another set of people who are a bit different from sadists, though they are quite similar to them, and surprisingly now a days I find them everywhere. Bad luck huh. These are the people who actually can stoop down to any levels for NOTHING. I knew people who do things for their selfish motives but, as I said earlier, these people seem to be mentally sick because u see them doing unethical stuff and that too for NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. May be such actions are their ‘mental feeds’. so basically i didn't get a word to describe them. I pity them though.

All I can say for them is “God give peace to their soul”



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