Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I read somewhere, the man who is scared of employing another able man, is basically accepting his own incapability in his own profession. I didn’t understand the statement that well, at that time, but may be now I know, what exactly the person, who wrote this, was trying to convey.

I see men with intelligence, only that they themselves are not sure of it; at least their actions prove their intellectual insecurities. I see people who don’t like wisdom!! Can you beat that, they believe, and will do that till eternity, in what they were asked to believe. Well ask them who asked them to follow that particular trail of mind set and so called ‘faith’ and they themselves won’t have an answer. The best they will come out to explain themselves would be: “Well isn’t this the trail whole of the universe is walking through, then why not me”. Well I don’t know of them but as for me, definitely NOT.

I have herd people saying, don’t think, don’t expect, don’t have desires, well why? If I know I deserve I will desire. It’s wrong to expect from others, I don’t have a right to do so, but I do expect certain things from myself and that’s what I desire, as that’s precisely what I deserve. And I do think about it, and will continue to do so till I achieve it and then there will be another set of expectations I will set for myself. If I don’t restrict myself, nobody can.


Blogger banyal said...

Good post Harahsita. I see that you are one of those enlightened people who are growth savvy. Let your intellect grow...

11:22 AM  
Blogger Lost IN Translation said...

Yet another post which I couldn't compile :-)

5:58 PM  

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