Monday, May 29, 2006

One Love

How do you know when you are in love…..well the filmi thing bout all this goes like this… “Jab raat ko neend na aaye, bhookh pyaas sab mit jaye…” and lots of crap like that… but the question still remains unanswered….but before that how do one differentiates between love and infatuation….

I’ve seen so many people mistaking their infatuations for love and realising that only after they break up, or may be it is other way round….I personally believe that the problem lies with the confused mentality of people who are actually not in love but they love the feeling of being in love. This is the worst thing to happen. They unknowingly not only spoil their own life but also of their partner.

When you love a person you can do anything for him and you don’t consider it as any sacrifice or anything you just do it coz all that matters to you is his smile, but when it is not love sooner of later you start counting on the ‘sacrifices’ you have made.

You know Love is so pious that you just realise it not coz you cant sleep but coz all you worry and bother is abut that persons well being his happiness and his dreams. When you do something for him you just don’t realise that you did something. You can’t realise love untill you fear to loose it. It’s not insecurity it is that feel that make you realise the value of that person in your life. It’s only when you part that you realise how near you were.