Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Its been so long

Ya its really been so long since I posted last. Reasons?? Do I have to give them...ya was not feeling like writing and was stuck up with some stupid things.
So why am I here again? Well to share a small thought....

I am confused. What do we want from life, change or say a stagnant well settled phase? Well can we ever get settled? You call a person settled, only when he has all he wants or rather needs, and above all he is contented. So I come down to a simple question can a person be ever contented from his life? Ya he can be but for how long? Things change and hence with it our needs change, then how can we talk about being contented? Zest of having and achieving what we need or even what we want, is not bad, infact I feel that is what life is all about. Then why do we always divert ourselves by such scenarios which either don't exist or even if they do they don't last. We always look forward to 'get settled' in life but isn't it temporary? We run away from the fact that life is dynamic, it will change, we try to feel and believe that now everything will be as we have always wanted it to be like and it will remain like that forever. We keep looking for this permanent 'settled' phase of life but we forget life is permanently temporary.