Friday, October 20, 2006

Like a flowing river

Read the book “Like the flowing River”… another nice piece of work…

How meaningful the title is…I always read and heard life is like a sea, wast, endless, with so many treasures, treasures of opportunity hidden deep under….but now I feel its rather like a flowing river…it moves on and on, faces hard sunny days…sometimes hot enough to dry it up but then that’s not the end it lives up again, sooner or later. It meets so many hurdles in its path, fights against them to the max it can, sometimes it wins and it forces that rock to leave its path and moves on, but sometimes it is not able to move that rock and then it chooses to divert its path but whatever it continues its journey and finally reaches its destination. That’s the way even life goes. You need to change things you can, and want to, change but you also need to accept things you cannot change.
Its well said:
“God grant me the serenity to accept thins I cannot change, courage to change things I can and wisdom to know the difference”

Why does it happens that whatever we get we are never satisfied. Human nature? Huh…strange if this is human nature…but alas it is. Isn’t it? And this urge of getting more and not getting satisfied increases with age. Well we are suppose to get more and more matured with age rite? Is this the way we get matured? Or is this what one becomes when he gets matured? Too many questions. Rite? Ok….

Well I just remembered these lines from a hindi song:

Sooraj ko dharti tarse, Dharti ko chandrma
Paani main seep jaise pyaasi har aatma
Boond chuppi kis badal main koi jaane na

Monday, October 09, 2006

Aazma Le

Today early morning while coming to office I plugged in FM and came across this song ‘Aazma le Aazma le…aaj khud ko aazma le..firta hai kab se ye dil sambhale….’, yeah a beautiful song…

I realized one thing today, most of us say we hate hypocrites, we can’t stand people with double standards, but that’s what we all are…we lie to ourselves in the name of religion, duties, responsibilities and God knows what all….we just go along with things coz someone, somewhere in prehistoric age said ‘that’s the way of doing it’, and like a perfectly tamed animal we still do the same. Now the question comes why don’t we try and change things which we know are not worth following anymore? Well first thing is most of us, may be, don’t even realize that some things need to be changed. For those who feel that, either they are not sure about it or they don’t know what to do. People who are sure and know what to do usually lack guts to take a step and if they do take a step they loose the courage down the line, and those who don’t are the people who make difference.

God gave us the immense power to design our own life…if we choose to….but like a fool we restricted ourselves in so many countless constraints, constraints we were told are ‘default’ though they were not, since we were born. And we lived our life as per others wishes throughout, thinking and justifying ourselves by saying that its fate. FATE? It’s our life then from where does this fate thing come from? It’s just an excuse just another justification another lie that we keep telling ourselves coz we don’t have guts to face our own soul. The soul which had all power and intellect to guide us to take us to what we wanted and where our happiness was., but we ignored it saying that you are a fool, knowing very well that it was not but we were being fool by doing that. But still we followed the path others said lead to happiness, knowing very well that those are the people who have slightest idea of your idea of happiness. Why? Because someone somewhere in prehistoric age said ‘that’s the way of doing it’ and we are not the people who make difference.