Monday, October 31, 2005


He was asked to confess and he said, "Why shall I when i don't regret".

Two months later he went to church and told father, "I want to confess, I want to confess that I didn't even regret....."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

just confused

They say simplicity is the best policy. But is that really so?? Well then why do ppl look down upon a simple person and why do u feel ashamed to b associated with one, atleast in public or with ur friends....Strange is this life. Hypocrisy is there everywhere... let it b in society or even within our souls... I donn know if confusion can be a better word to describe such state of mind...whatever but it proves tat we r may b even worse than animals cant even use the powers we r gifted with....strangest thing about this human species that we cant even understand our own ppl...its so difficult to judge a person and usually we end up making a wrong decision...watever... most interesting this is that all of us have sooooo many friends but lucky are those who really have a friend besides them always watever b the senario. happiness is like a mirage its there but as soon as u spread your hands to catch it it disappears... u r just not able to reach it....nyways may b the fun of life lies in these endless journeys, these mysteries.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Are you a human or an insect

Sometimes you feel that serendipity is probably the most suitable word to describe the phenomena of life. For some people this is however a fact as they are those who just flow with life. It is this life and world which desides things for them and they are the people who can use the excuse of fate the most. But there are some homosapeians still surviving in this world who know who they are and what they want from their life and they actually work it out. It becomes unimportant wether or not they believe in fate and destiy, all that matters is that they are actually their God, the ruler of their life.
It is easy to flow along with life, accept things that come to you and don't even bother for what is not there and then you end up as an insect. Why the heck you got a human life man you actually wasted a soul (if you believe in this concept of life). Humans have an enormous power to rule themselves, they have an ability to control what goes in their life, but how far how many of us use it? It's difficult but that's the fun of life. Take challenges, life is a challenge, it's not a cake walk you won't get things, you got to achieve them and when you understand this you are on the first step of the ladder to success coz the war has just begun now. War to be yourself, war to be a human and not a puppet.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Vicious Circle

He was so irritated, literally flaring when he came to know that his friend's girlfriend had called him (his friend) to tell him that she was upset coz the guy she used to like was now in love with some girl. All the time he was just saying one thing "how could she? After being with him for so long she should have forgotten her past and whatever atleast she should have thought of him. How would he feel?" How upset he was for his friend.....and i remembered the day when I was talking to him on phone, walkin on terrace listening how bad he felt when his ex-girl friend introduced him to her new boyfriend.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


They say women are confused, selfish and what this and decide yourself... ya this truly practical male gender will never understand her.

"I will have to let him go… if I love him I have to…. There are things he need to understand and he will never understand them till I am with him… I need to free him from his self pitying nature…from his false ego…I can live with him with all these things but then that will not help him … he needs to understand himself…I love him & its so difficult to may kill me but then I gotta save him… till I m with him he will continue to pity on himself and for watever goes wrong he will blame me or somebody else…I don’t have a problem in taking his blames…if it is the price for my being with him I accept it…but then this is ruining him…he will spoil his whole life …he can rise up so high in life but all he needs is a right attitude for it…the guts to face and accept everything like a man…and till I m with him he will never do that…this relationship has become like that …I don’t want him to even think that somebody will sympathise on him I just want him to think that there is nothing that can go so wrong that ppl have to sympathise on you…I know my this decision will break him but the man that will reincarnate after all this will be a perfect man. I know for the whole life I will become a bitch in his eyes who played with him but my god will know what I am tat I will always love him and only him wether I am with him or without him. Oh god just help him and be with him."

Who am I?

Well every homosapien is suppose to have an individuality…an identity of his own…so here is the story of a girl Sia who went in search of her identity….

Sia was sitting on her couch when suddenly the thought of defining herself came to her mind, five hours of introspection and still she was not able to define herself… what her perceptions were… what was her philosophy of life. Confused Sia finally got up as her mother was calling her for dinner, but the hurricane of questions and thoughts was still grinding her brain. Even on the dinner table she was all engrossed in her own world of mysteries about her self…her inner self. As she returned to her room an idea struck her…she always thought that she was really good at judging people …so she decided that she will find a friend who is exactly like her and then she would be able to get the answers to all her questions….and that relieved her a lot, its always a relief to know that there is or would be somebody to take your burdens and worries away…maybe that’s why everybody looks for a friend, a partner.

Well she was really lucky she didn’t had to wait for long, she was just taking her ‘Bloodline’ as she saw her image in the mirror, and there she was… the image was exactly like her and she realised that she had found what she was searching for…somebody who was exactly like her in every sense…oh how happy she was at her notion of being alike…but truth find its way out soon…her heart was suppose to be broken coz she had chosen it that way, she had made a wrong decision as every instantaneous decision is. But unaware of the future Sia sat there observing her soul mate for long then suddenly she remembered her Bloodline and picked it up to see who was the man trying to destroy Elizabeth’s dreams, as see read the climax she saw her friend again …smiled and turned the page… and to her horror she saw that her friend was not what she thought… she was not like her but in fact she was just opposite exactly opposite… horrified she read the last page to find that Elizabeth’s offender was her very best friend her own uncle. She looked up again at her friend and all she could do was cry on her stupidity… how could she put her trust in someone in a moments thought… how could she be so impulsive in matters like these…. But she was betrayed and that also by herself… anyway she wanted to get out of it, she didn’t want to punish herself that also for somebody who has not given her anything but few fake moments of happiness…She wiped her tears and thought to begin every thing all over again…She was too tired of the day so she decided to go to sleep…went in and changed…switched off the tube light and turned her night lamp on…but still her mind was not at peace. All she wanted now was somebody on whom she could really rely on…somebody she could trust, who would not leave her midway.

She was just thinking about all this when she observed her shadow moving with her as she strolled across the room. It was not attractive but all she wanted was a ‘true’ friend… no matter how he looked… she thought for a moment and then again the same hope of fulfilment arose within her…. and this time she was really sure about her choice…ah but the girl was wrong again she had done the same mistake of trusting too early… and one has to pay for every mistake you do in this market. She was far too happy to realise what was going wrong…far too involved to see the truth… but she had to know one day…a baseless notion can not go on for ever. As she turned the lamp off to sleep she realised the truth … she was all alone again…her friend was just a friend of good times and in dark he was nowhere to be seen. This time she didn’t cry… she had got used to her betraying, misguiding self. She just laid there thinking about all that had happened to her…she was just trying to figure out where did she go wrong when she realised that whatever happened was not wrong…she is complete in herself…she never needed someone else to define herself…all she needed to do was to remove that image of ego and that shadow of a good time’s friend from her life and she was all complete. She found her identity. She was Sia.

Gimme a break

What is life? A question that has haunted me for long…is it a bed of roses or a path full of thorns? Sometimes it appears to be a beautiful fairy but sometimes it proves to be more dreadful then a demon. Long back I thought that the definition of life depends on how you define it…its all a matter of perception… a matter of how we want to take things…and that was the end of it…but this vicious circle continues…if it is so , if its all a matter of our own thinking then why there is no human ( a common man ) in this world who has never felt that life is worthless even once in his lifetime? Why there is no optimist who has never got a tear of helplessness and defeat in his eyes…
I always thought that there is no sorrow, we define sadness so it is on us as to what we decide our tolerance limit to be…and so there is no joy its all on us as to what we think makes us contented, because one can be happy only when he is contented, and it was really a nice thought but unfortunately not that realistic. Each day adds to your experience and you realise that what you always thought right may not be that correct.
Life is more like a running race, some are lucky to be a part of a relay, but not all… others have to complete there rounds all alone and if they loose they have to take it all alone, accept the fact and begin for next round. Life is not all about running fast , because a winner can not be a winner always and a looser is not a looser always its all about getting up when you fall and running again, no matter wether you have somebody to pick you up or you have to clean your wounds yourself…. Its not about winning its all about how you run how you get up.