Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neverland II

Well here is a new guest in our neverland today......before I take you to the scene let me tell you who she is....She is a beautiful fragile timid..........ok lets go

BIRD : I never harmed anybody, but still they killed me. I loved my life as everybody else do, and I always tried to give happiness to others. I singed well so I used to sing because that was the only way I could spread happiness, but I can't do that anymore. Yesterday that man caught me and sold me to a butcher and today I was sold again by the butcher.......Well I don't have any rage for humans I just pity them, pity them for their stupidity. I would have sang for them forever, I would have made them happy forever....anyway......

So stupid we are.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just like that

They say I am crazy
they tell me I am mad
they believe I am still a kid
who is always sad.

How the heck do tell them
neither am I crazy nor am I mad
and I am not a kid who is sad
may be am just too matured for my age
may be am just too practical at this stage.

I see people with no sense of gratitude
and others calling them 'people with right attitude'
I can't bear such obscure behaviours
where those trying to harm u,
pretend to be your biggest saviours.

Strange is life,
change in peoples attitude is so abrupt
Harsh is this world
where even friends seem to hurt,
may be it's all my mistake,
how easily do i trust.

No am not crazy, am not mad
ya may be i am a kid
but still am not sad
I don't like these hypocrytes around
and i really don't mind
if people say things directly
rather than spinning around.