Monday, March 05, 2007

The Truth

They say ignorance is a bliss…is it? I don’t think so…

If you have courage to face the truth and strength to accept it you don’t need the excuse of ignorance to run away from anything. But you need to realize the true truth. Ya I said true truth. Truth, its so pious that nothing can touch it then what is this true truth? You know, many a times we repeat some lies to ourselves, so many times, that it appears to be a truth to us but the fact remains the same, it is not the truth, but we cannot realize it. Truth is still the same, a lie said thousand times cannot alter its existence but it can affect your perception towards it. And it does.

Look here you are asking yourself a question, for which you get an answer, which is not true, which is nowhere near to the truth, but you feel that it is the truth. Later down the line you get confused, and all you do is say “Chill” and leave the question unanswered. And you feel relaxed, stress free, and here you are another human being who believes Ignorance is a bliss.