Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I read somewhere, the man who is scared of employing another able man, is basically accepting his own incapability in his own profession. I didn’t understand the statement that well, at that time, but may be now I know, what exactly the person, who wrote this, was trying to convey.

I see men with intelligence, only that they themselves are not sure of it; at least their actions prove their intellectual insecurities. I see people who don’t like wisdom!! Can you beat that, they believe, and will do that till eternity, in what they were asked to believe. Well ask them who asked them to follow that particular trail of mind set and so called ‘faith’ and they themselves won’t have an answer. The best they will come out to explain themselves would be: “Well isn’t this the trail whole of the universe is walking through, then why not me”. Well I don’t know of them but as for me, definitely NOT.

I have herd people saying, don’t think, don’t expect, don’t have desires, well why? If I know I deserve I will desire. It’s wrong to expect from others, I don’t have a right to do so, but I do expect certain things from myself and that’s what I desire, as that’s precisely what I deserve. And I do think about it, and will continue to do so till I achieve it and then there will be another set of expectations I will set for myself. If I don’t restrict myself, nobody can.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I was just wondering, if, of all the people I have ever met or known till date, in my life, I just try to filter out people, I would call a person with a purpose or a person with a principle, how many of them will actually filter in? Well leave the astonishing number I computed, or rather I was not able to compute, what astonished me more was the fact that most of these people would not even bother to consider any such criteria as sensible.

Why does this happens that one accepts mediocrity so easily, with utmost happiness and without any refusal or struggle? What makes us so helpless and so sure of our incapability for everything? Well just see the irony here: how many of us will actually accept any of our incapability, our ego just won’t let us do so, but when it comes to accepting this flow of mediocrity we are more than happy to do so.

The basic problem with us mortals is this amazing tendency of creating ‘comfort zones’, a zone from where we just don’t want to move out. What makes this tendency really amazing is the fact that, however uncomfortable a zone is, sooner or later it becomes your ‘comfort zone’, not for the fact that now you find it comfortable but for the fact that we are so used to mediocrity that we just don’t want to fight, all we do and yearn to do is adjust. And look what we come to accept!! But do we regret it? No. We just don’t even realize. We just don’t care.

Most of us keep cribbing, excuses to do so wary from work to life style to things going around, but we all crib. How many of us really try to fight it? Well I know by now you would be thinking, “well I don’t crib” is it so really? Do you never complain about things, specially about things you don’t have a control on? Well you do and precisely because you feel safe as you believe you don’t have a control over it.

There is this one thing I firmly believe in, whatever happens in one’s life is ones own responsibility and hence you better have a control over it. And once you realize your power to rule your life and learn to take it over, I bet you will beat mediocrity.

They tell you what you are worth what you are not. By what conceivable right? By what mean do they draw a baseless judgment on you? Mediocrity yearns mediocrity and tries its best to stop any attempt made to break it. But if you have the potential – Break it!!

I am here to break it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


If it’s so easy, why there is so much of confusion
If it’s not difficult, yeah it will break your illusion,
May be you’ll lose the zest for your ‘now easy’ vision.

Going through the empty lanes of grumpy pines
You realized how tough it was just to smile,
For somewhere deep in you knew
You held the burden of some emotions subdued.

Sometimes you feel you enjoy the grief
For it lets you fight for relief
But for how long will this war go
Alas! Whom do you have to show?

Its just one thing one should not accept
And that is to crawl on as others expect.
But remember it’s the game of life
most of them survive but only a few like
And those are not the one who never fail
Those are the one who don’t go in haste.

Just raise your eyes over the shadowy pine
You will see the beautiful sun shine
All you need is to leave this self pity
for the man of principles
don’t hold baseless guilty.
This world can’t see you go so strong
So it has to put you on tongs
So my friend never loose the faith
Believe in thyself and the vision you chased.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tell me the term??

As I said in my last post I do have a bit of interest in psychology, and observing people and their attitude is my favorite pass time. So here I am describing, as per my observations and completely biased perceptions, people I’ll term as mentally sick but as you can make out they are perfectly normal human beings as per this sane world.

Everyone needs a mental feed to go on in life happily. ‘happily’ well I am using this term subjectively, as u see, happiness is something which I can’t define for you. Everyone has his/her own definition. So whether we notice it or not, all our actions, or rather most of our actions, are governed by our zest to satisfy or rather achieve this ‘mental feed’. For saints it can be the act of sacrifice, may be I cant say, I am not a saint.

There is this set of really sick people who derive pleasure in others suffering you call them sadists. Well I feel there is another set of people who are a bit different from sadists, though they are quite similar to them, and surprisingly now a days I find them everywhere. Bad luck huh. These are the people who actually can stoop down to any levels for NOTHING. I knew people who do things for their selfish motives but, as I said earlier, these people seem to be mentally sick because u see them doing unethical stuff and that too for NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. May be such actions are their ‘mental feeds’. so basically i didn't get a word to describe them. I pity them though.

All I can say for them is “God give peace to their soul”


Give me back my childhood

The most common and most stupid question: “If given a chance what is that one thing you would like to change?” Well if someone would have asked me this question, say a month back, I would have said NOTHING. And yes I mean it. But I don’t know why I don’t feel the same any more.

If God comes to really grant me a wish I would ask Him to change everything, take me back to my childhood, when I was just 3 or 4 yrs old, and then make the time stagnant.
Well I have a bit of interest in psychology and I remember reading somewhere that a person who craves to get his/her childhood back is basically trying to run away from the responsibilities. Well no comments here.

I remember, other day when I was traveling in an auto I got this weird feeling of joy. The seat was a bit too high and when I was seated my feet couldn’t touch the floor. I don’t know but a weird thought popped up in my mind. Sometimes its really good to set yourself free. Don’t bother. Don’t worry. Ignorance. I hate this word. But ya sometimes everyone needs a break. Hope I’ll be out of this stupid phase soon.