Friday, May 11, 2007

Long live Gulzar

Some times I really get dazzled as to how can someone be so good at something. Well at present I am talking about the great lyricist Gulzar. Was hearing this fabulous song –Haat choote bhi to….written by him, for the movie ‘Pinjar’. How can someone write something so great…

Just look at these lyrics….

Jisne paaroon ke nissaan bhi nahi chode peeche
Us musafir ka pata bhi nahi poocha karte
Haat choote bhi to rishte nahi choota karte
Chhot gaye yaar na chooti yaari maula

Toone aawaaz nahi di kabhi mudke warna
Hum kai sadiyaan tuhje ghoom ke dekha karte
Haath choote bhi to……

You realize that there are some things which you should just let go because there is no point chasing them but you cant help it. You keep running behind things and you term it as hope. Lets see it from the other side also, you know you should not be following those things, there is no point doing that but you do it ….now I call it foolishness. So is being optimist, foolishness?
Well chill … may be I am being too logical….after all we are humans we cannot be perfect…we just cant follow our brains in everything…
Hah so here we are foolishly optimistic but no regrets because after all we choose to be like that right?