Thursday, February 15, 2007

Living on the edge of the cliff

Living on the edge of this cliff,
I wonder why things down there look so still?
When I was there, part of that world
I felt it spinning, with nothing subtle,
but now when I look down from here
I wonder that disgusting world has gone where?

Why is it that my perception has changed,
though I know things down there are still the same.
It is still what I used to despise,
it is still what I will never like.

I wanted to run away from it,
because I thought beauty was here on this hill.
but now I realize it is even more worse,
living on the edge of this cliff.

Now I know what I have done in all this haste,
just want to run down but now its waste.
even if I want I can’t undo the past.

Though I hate it, but I have only one option left
I look up at the freedom that now I have
and take a step out of the edge
and see if that lost world accepts.
Whether it does or not I’ll never know
but at least my realization it will show.

Living on the edge of this cliff I think
how stupid I was to climb this hill.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

So Inspiring

This ad of ‘Femina’ now a days on FM is awesome. This is what I call inspiring.
Posting the lyrics. Enjoy!!

I know that nothing can stop me from trying
from breaking the chain and flying
don’t stop me
I believe in me
so don’t stop me.