Saturday, April 29, 2006


There are few things which may be I will never understand....they say biggest truth of life is death. How ridiculous?
Yesterday one of my junior died in an accident.....
There is one thing I want to ask God if I ever would be able to...Why does he play such game....few moments before he is a person just like me & you but few moments later you suddenly say he no longer will never see him again he will never be around again....Why??
Ya I understand that once you come to this earth one day or the other you have to leave....that's the way this universe was designed....when one dies then only another one is born....but why a kid who had to do so much in life, who has not seen anything in his life had to go....Why??
I believe in God and I will always....because I feel that he is one unseen force who keeps me away from sin....through whom I can justify anything which can't be this "it was God's wish" but there are few things which I wish I could change....I wish....

Friday, April 07, 2006

There is this campus recruitment going on in our college for the third year students. One of my junior asked me on breakfast table as what can be a good reply to the question where does she see herself 10 yrs down the line? Well I really got lost....10yrs....I don't even know what will happen to me after two months.....

It's so strange I have never found life so uncertain...leaving the college is sort of scaring me...I don't know in which city I will get my joining and by what time....I am not able to make a picture of the life I am going to have after I join my company....My friends my freedom my time every thing might get lost....once again I'll be admist of a bunch of strangers whom I'll call my colleagues. I love independence and I'll get that in true sense when I'll start working, but I don't know why I feel scared, insecure. I don't want to go away from my friedns this bindas life....I not afraid of responsibilities but I don't want to loose my right to enjoy with my friends....I'll miss them all. I'll miss my college. Ya I'll miss my college.