Saturday, January 21, 2006

Neverland - 1

Let me first introduce you to this new world of my ‘neverland’. Well it is a bit different from the neverland as in ‘Finding Neverland’. My Neverland is a bit more practical…in fact a lot more …..ya its not the perfect ‘all happy no sad’ place…there are tears…tears of self realisation…its more practical…ya but its imaginary too coz here birds not just sing they speak too…not just birds but every thing. The nature has been more just, every body has equal right … and nobody rules. Its very much like this earth but every body here has a right to express…well legally over here also we have the right to express but then we limit it overselves within the limits of our emotional limitations.
Nobody lives here…ya people just come here to sort their life…not just human beings but every creature god ever made can come here share his feeling. Every body has a right to speak without any limitations any chains of deep emotions bounding them.
Look here are my first guests….

I see breaking relationships here and there every where…people blaming each other for what happened to them…they still love each other but still they don’t…here in my neverland, today there are these two people talking:
“I never stop her to do what ever she wants so why the heck does she interfere.”
“interfere…I was just too concerned”
“Concerned? Am I kid…don’t behave like my mom”
“ When you love somebody and you care for them you do get concerned…but how would you know….if only you ever cared for me”
“ya ‘taking for granted’ this is the damn term used if I am right…if I cant even take you, you support and affection for granted then what’s the point…ya I do take your presence your warmth for granted and that’s coz I believe in our love. I am not insecure because I trust you and I trust myself”
“And me? Can I rely upon your warmth, affection, support? Don’t I have a right to feel equally secure?”
“So you don’t trust me?”
“It’s not that…I do trust you…but then….”
And she just cries…he looks at her and sighs…stand there for some time and then he realises that he should go and hold her…she has always done that when he felt down…and as he was about to make his move…she wipes her tears herself and says“maybe we need sometime, some time to understand ourselves…atleast I need some time alone all alone. I can’t bear this any long this is my life and I haven’t done anything so wrong so as to suffer like this, I have loved you and will always do that…till I m alive…but now its high time that I even start thinking about myself”
And they parted though they loved each other…

What a creature this human is…we never value things which we value most…ya I mean it…we learn to value them only after we loose them. Why? We are the creature gifted with this enormous power to think, judge and act.. then why the heck so much of confusion? Why just we don’t care for the people who care for us.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


It wasn’t me it wasn’t you
nobody pretend
but nobody tried
may be it was me it was you.

Oh gone are those days
gone are those feelings
which made us live
which made us die
it wasn’t me it wasn’t you
strange how did we survive
or did we really die?

Nobody did any wrong
nobody was punished
but both suffered .
It wasn’t me it wasn’t you,
till the time lasted
we tried or may be we just didn’t do
may be it was me it was you.

Oh yeah it was me it was you
Who do I kid.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Good most of the educated homo sapiens on this earth start their morning with newspapers. Well what are newspapers...something covering up the news...things that happen around they make you aware and ya 'responsible' too. ok gimme a break...tell me how does those disgusting photos of somebody's tragedy makes you 'aware'...Yeah they do make u aware of their grief's, on which you can say a "uff..oh" aloud but what about those who are there in those photos...
Who on this earth would want to be pitchured at the most disgusting and depressing moments of his/her life that too to be seen by every soul walkin on the surface this very same earth least concerned or bothered about that person...nobody would.
Well this journalism has lost all it's ethics...they intrude anybodies private life just for their profit..but to this extent...I don't understand why there ain't any rule to check this up...its disgusting

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Go on

Life goes on....yeah it's like all good and bad things go hand in hand, things you think are good may turn out to be bad never is so unpredictable....sometims you feel that life is horrible....things that seem so important and big today may not have that great a value later...yeah so best thing to do is just go on with life the way you feel you want to, the way you feel makes you happy.... kya pata kal ho na ho.