Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I read love heals,
then heard it hurts.
They say it is an addiction,
Oh well I feel,
It’s just confusion.
may be an illusion,
of the hearts
hungry for affection..

Still you need it,
still you want it.
You know it hurts,
But still you want to
feel it cures.
Oh ya it’s a confusion
nice to find yourself
as somebody's botheration

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Oh this desert…it kills…you know that there is no hope to get any water anywhere but still you see mirages and you tend to believe that you are nearing it…you will be there soon…..soon you thirst will be quenched…oh you feel so good

Is it wrong? It’s just a hope…that drives you…an optimistic thought that keeps you alive…but still it hurts when you realize that it was not the truth. It was just a mirage.

It's nice chasing them...but chasing them for what? You can never get it....but still you try...why?

well may be because you know truth is too deadly to accept...and it is the only driving force that keeps you alive....and that is all that matters.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Well was just looking at this beautiful butterfly and felt oh how lucky she is...she has all the beauty..all the happiness...everything one can crave for...i just looked up and was about to say: "oh god why didnt you made me a butterfly" when i saw this boy trying to catch her...ending up killing the poor soul...and i thanked god atleast i am alive.

Friday, November 18, 2005


I was sitting in a dark room….and was just wondering as to why God made this darkness….nobody needs it….nobody wants it……then why? Anyways in the meantime mom came in and lit a candle…now it was no longer dark but darkness still persisted…in the form of shadows…shadows that were enlarged and even darker. I kept wondering if this darkness would ever go, can it be removed completely and while I was still in my thoughts the candle burnt off…..and darkness persisted forever.

If only I had not bothered about those insignificant shadows….if only I had noticed the light around….I made those stupid shadows so significant....

Look can find what you its your choice what you want.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Day

Ya the nights are dark....thats the way they are ment to be.....just look at the rising sun....that radient, magical view.....yeah man if you have never admired that beauty then may be you have missed the most beautiful gift of the nature....a gift god has given us to realise that nothing is ever lasting....every thing has an end....all you need to do is to fight and have faith that YOU WILL WIN.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Was listening to a frns story and was just it love?

She loved a guy but was too shy to tell it she left it to him to understand.....well guy was also too shy.....well time passed...they were parted......she kept in day she came to know tat guy proposed some girl........she was hurt...broken ....n decided tat she will never bother for nythin like this again through out her life......time passed.....the pain healed but the fear remained, fear of not being luved back.....she used to hav crushes but was afraid of even liking day some friend of her told her bout a guy who luved her...her first impulse was NO then she thought she was giving somebody wat she was afraid of recieving...and she thought its better to b wid somebody who luvs u then trying to be wid somebody whome just u luv......she thought...and ended up with a YES.....with time she realised that even for the guy it was same.....he luved her coz he thought girl luved her........and she was utterly confused.......things which were so clear and easy all of a sudden became complex.......she didnt know wat to do? even if she was suppose to do nything......she tried to forget the past and believed that whatever... now he loves me.......poor her one day she discovered that after getting along with her, round after 6 monthe that guy had met a girl and she was his first crush........she was confused if tat guy luvs her?....weli she wanted to just be alone and be as she was.....but that guy wont agree......she dosent wants to be with him if he dosent loves her but she dosent wants to hurt him she in luv with him? or all this is just a compromise of her heart afraid of rejection? does that guy luvs her? Or is he just afraid of being left alone?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


well here i m tagged by manjari...well let me think...hmmmm......hmmmm.....ok
1 Am very impulsive.
2 I hate crowdy places...Love nature and places that give that sweet, soothing feeling tat cant b put in words.
3 Hate hypocrytes.
4 One person i can never hurt -my mom.
5 Hate to see tragic photographs of ppl in newspapers, tv....they dont have a right to intrude in to somebodys completely private grief....which he/she may not want to share... nyways if i go on i will write a whole para on it.
6.well now i m wishing that i was a class first student who can do a mistake in counting n writing no's and i cud make the next point no.20.
7.well i m not so this was 7
8. Love to irritate ppl who are close to me. (well coz they are used to tolerating me:-) )
9. ppl find me quiet, innoscent.....but that is till they just know me lil bit once i get close to them they term me as little devil. (donn kno why they use this little m not a kid)
10. I love indian culture.....every way...let it b saries or the festivals.
11. Well i hate the idea of going abroad...sort of baseless fear to b too far away from home n ppl.
12. I take ppl for their words and end up hurting myself.
13. My wish - want a sweet home in a valley where i can live with peace.
14. I love cooking....n the best part is tat u can hav the food without ny fear coz nobody ever had to go to a doc after havin it.
15. I get tensed very easily
16. now a days all i do is count the months when my coll will finish n i will b able to join my job.
17. i never hurt nybody knowingly.
18. i cant say no to usually i end up cursing myself.
19. M feeling so good now as next thing m goin to write is 20
20. I believe in God a lot.

well now its my turn so... deepa...nithin

Friday, November 04, 2005


You are punished when
you do some wrong,
but even when its not your fault
you are put in a jail of an emotional storm.
Why is it so? Man I didn’t do any crime
may be all I did was:
I didn’t take right decisions
at right time.

OH! Will I have to bear this
throughout my life?
Cant I just turn back time
and change the things,
those decisions I took
in just an eyes blink.

But were those decisions
really wrong?
At that time they were not.
Even when I think about it now
I find the same
the decisions were right
but now the scenes have changed.

Oh come on I am strong
and I will bear,
though I know its not my fault
but I am ready to hear.
Coz I choose it this way
long time back,
though not knowingly
but that is that.
And I promise you
I wont shed a tear,
coz I know I didn’t do any wrong.
Coz I know some day
God will hear
to all my tender whispers
he has ignored all along.