Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Searching for Shadows

It was so dark and lonely there,
and she was the sloe soul standing there,
I don’t know what she was thinking or searching for,
but she was not sad or anxious for sure.

I approached her and offered my help
she nodded but didn’t care to turn back
When she spoke her voice was so sane
but what she spoke was completely insane

She was searching for her shadow, which she misplaced somewhere.
She was sure however, it had accompanied her till there.

I looked at her sympathetically
told her that it won’t exist as it was dark there.
For the first time she turned back and looked
I saw in her eyes the same sympathy was there.
All she said was, ”Its here its just that we can’t see”
she moved off confident but in despair,
as she approached light she cried in triumph,
“Look its here its just that we didn’t care”