Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I do refrain

Here I am finding myself
but I get lost again and again
want to discover where my soul dwells
but somewhere deep inside I do refrain

Why am I sacred to reidentify myself?
Why am I hesitating in rediscovering myself?
This search will lead me to my paradise, I know
but I am scared the 'others' will never approve it though.

Why do I care for them?
Who are they to me?
Why do I seek their approval?
when I know wehere lies my paradise' key?
but still their opinion bothers me
and I wonder "am I free?"

Here I am still finding myself
and here I am lost again
all because I know I should not
but somewhere deep inside
I still do refrain.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo

Jo Ab Kiye Ho Daataa Aisaa Naa Ki Jo
Agale Janam Mohe Bitiyaa Naa Ki Jo
Jo Ab Kiye Ho Daataa Aisaa Naa Ki Jo

Kaisaa Naseebaa Jagmein Har Bitiyaa Paaye
Apanaa Jinhe Samajhat Hai Par Woh Paraaye
Baabul Kaa Anaganaa Chhute, Maiyaa Kaa Acharaa
Bholi Chirayaa Paaye Bas Ek Pinjaraa
Phir Bhi Ye Sab Samajaave Tadapaa Naa Ki Jo
Agale Janam Mohe Bitiyaa Naa Ki Jo
Jo Ab Kiye Ho Daataa Aisaa Naa Ki Jo
Bitiyaa Naa Ki Jo

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wish I were....

Yeah finally I gathered all strength to enter in to my neverland. Ya I do need strength to step in to it myself, because I know when I will be here I will just speak out my heart, and its NOT easy to do that. But why? Why can't we just speak out what we want to speak. What we really feel.

Its because we restrict ourselves to do that. We are scared to know ourselves. Deep inside, most of us know and accept, that the life we are living is NOT what we dreamt of, its NOT what we wanted it to be like. But like an intellectual being, as we are, we justify outself by saying that our dreams are not practical they are not feasible. We want to be happy and we can recognise things that will make us happy but do we do them? I will tell you what happened with me. Few days back while going to office I saw some girls playing pitthu in a park and I just felt like stoppin there and asking them for one throw, I would have felt so happy, but I didn't do it. Why? Well am a Software Engg. What if somebody from my company see me there? What will they think ? I will make a fool of myself. So many thoughts, so many unnecessary restrictions, for what? for just a throw.

It doesn't end there. It happens everyday. You want to do so many things. But do you do them? What happens is, a thought crosses your mind, you smile at yourself and think wow!! then next thing you say is alas! wish I was still a kid I could have done it again. Why? Who says you can't do it now? Why do we restrict ourselves for such things, things which will give us pleasure and actually don't concern anybody else. But the fact is that we do chain ourselves, whatever justification we may give, time, situations, responsibilities or whatever we are bounding ourselves in our own created web of unseen, unwanted rules. Break Them. You can.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I 'm lovin it!!

I dont know if it's Zubin's voice or the gr8 music or the ultimate lyrics but I'm juz lovin this song. Its from this movie Pyar ke side effects. Don't know how to uploade a video over here so juz postin the lyrics...Enjoy!!

feelin blue feelin blue feelin blue
my heart says can't be can't be true

jane kya chahe mann bavara
akhiyaan mere saawan chala

feelin blue feelin blue feelin blue
my heart says can't be can't be true

saghan aachal sarabore hove
sajan aasuvan main kya jor hove
kya jore hove apne jiya pe
mann to mhara ye manncahala

jane kya chahe mann bavara
akhiyaan mere sawan chala

pavan purva main yoon udta jave
badra chanda se mann judta jave
aave havaa ka jhoonka fir aaisa
toote patang ki door sa

jane kya chahe mann bavara
akhiyaan mere sawan chala

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Learn to accept

You keep complaining that things are not going the way they should be. And you feel that all this always happens with you. Ah…there you are…in crude words you are also amongst those who just know one thing so very well and that is ‘self-pity’.

Well its always easy to blame others for what went wrong in our life, coz things will go wrong in life, they have to, but do we realize that its of no good actually. Fact remains the same, no matter what we believe or pretend, we are solely responsible for whatever happens in our life, good or bad.

By blaming others we are not only lying to ourselves but also closing all the possible doors of fixing that problem. Coz only when we realize our responsibility that we are able to work on the things. Man we are humans we will make errors, we will go wrong, no one is perfect, so wats so wrong in accepting that we went wrong, after all we realize that and hence we will never go wrong, atleast we will try not to. And in the end that’s all that matters.